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Free COVID-19 Message Audio Files

We’re offering free telephony messaging for use on hold, in queue or on the IVR, as our way of helping our customers manage call volumes, in these difficult times. 

The effects of COVID-19 are having an increasing impact upon our working and social lives. These challenges are exacerbated by disrupted working practices, as more staff are required to self-isolate or work remotely, increases in call volumes, and the desire to maintain customer service levels with reduced resources.

We understand that it’s essential, in this constantly changing situation, to keep all communication to staff, customers and the public up to date, and consistent. Telephone system messaging plays a crucial role in doing this effectively, and the pressures to change and update critical messages is constant. So getting it right has rarely been more crucial. To assist you, we’re offering a series of phone system messages that are available now, free of charge to use, using professional male and female voice artists. These messages cover a range of instances and will suit all businesses, whatever their size.

To download the messages available, please click here: 



If you need alternative audio formats, just let us know and we’ll accommodate whatever needs you may have.

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